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Welcome to Casa Skouzi.

We are happy to help you create a cozy atmosphere in your living environment.

With the right balance in colors, furniture and accessories, we take care of it  a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

We also help you create a unit  to create in your desired space,  doing this  we, for example, by means of a Moodboard and color palette  which you own  can compose.

Before we start implementing this, we discuss all your wishes, colors,  materials, accessories and furniture.

We also discuss with you the budget for the desired products.

The desired budget is also taken into account.

Based on this, we go for the right products for you  inventory and we will create your own Moodboard for you  make with the  prices of the articles.

You can then indicate whether you agree with this. 

As soon as we sign a contract  have signed for agreement, then we will dispatch the products  for your op  order size.

Do you receive the product and are you not happy with it?

That’s no problem! You can return the product without obligation.

We ask € 150.00 for advice & styling.

If you buy the products through our webshop www.casa-skouzi.nl, you will receive  from us a discount of no less than € 100.00.

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